About Joy Daniels


“I must connect my heart to my head, my head to my hand, my hand to the paper. If one is missing, the paper stays white.” – Joy Daniels


“I am a self-taught artist who has always enjoyed exploring visual mediums,” Over the past number of years I studied at the Haliburton school of the Arts and it has given me the confidence to push forward and explore and use paint in different ways.

It’s the movement and flow that excites me; pouring, painting and directing the flow of paint can produce gorgeous works on paper and canvas. I’m always on a quest to produce a piece of drama with strong elements of composition, great value contrast and good rhythm.

I am endlessly curious and stimulated to experiment with colour, texture and design in ways that connect with the world around me. Striking colours, bold statements, vibrant energy. It’s pure Joy.”


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Fluid Movement


Color Movement


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For my most recent work and updates, please follow me on Instagram (@joydanielsartist).