Past Projects

Encaustic Art

“Encaustic paintings are a creative recipe involving a mixture of heat, wax, and pigments. Encaustic plays to my sense of beauty in all its manifestations; it makes my soul yearn to have more, see more, touch more. It is a constantly changing art form, that is creative and expands with each new layer. A piece of art that begs to be touched, soft, and smooth or built up into mountains…. Forms creating within forms.”
Joy Daniels





“My artography is captured, hand-manipulated, painted, enlarged, and painted again – the perfect melding of paint and photography. Each image is unique in its color and energy.”
Joy Daniels

All images are initially created from the iconic sx70 film and specialized camera. Each piece is numbered and signed, after being hand-manipulated and hand-colored. Every image is an artwork unto itself…. and the last of its kind! SX70 is no longer being made and now more than ever, each piece is a treasure. Each image can be printed any size starting from 6″ x 6″ up to 22″ x 22″, on a variety of papers.